Home Medicine

Being part of a modern organized business group, together with the pharmaceutical company TRAVALAN from Novi Sad and the healthcare institution PHARMACY LIVADA from Belgrade, enables us to provide our customers and business partners with collaboration with a reliable and stable business partner.

Home Medicine

Home Medicine arose as a result of a partnership vision aimed at developing a company capable of quickly implementing technological advancements and services in medicine for home health needs, including healthcare preventive measures, diagnostics, and therapies. Taking into account the specificities of the domestic market, our mission is to foster awareness of the immense possibilities of modern medical technology application beyond medical institutions by establishing strong business partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors, thereby making these advancements accessible to a broader user base.

An outstanding product range.

Our product range is created based on long-term continuous monitoring of leading global achievements and experiences in the field of medical devices application in collaboration with leading domestic medical experts.

As a result, it consists solely of products with the following characteristics:

  • proven medical properties and verified efficiency
  • highest technological level in its class,
  • excellent craftsmanship quality from reputable manufacturers,
  • possessing the highest international certificates and quality standards,
  • registered with the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia and
  • most favorable quality and price ratio on the market,
  • reliable, easy to use and maintain,
  • can be used both outside and within medical institutions.

Ancillary services and product assortment

Continuous staff training and technical infrastructure strengthening enable us to provide our customers with high-quality after-sales services, whether it be product installation, training for their use, regular or emergency maintenance.

All our representation agreements include the manufacturer's obligation to provide long-term servicing of products and supply of original top-quality spare parts and consumables. For all medical devices and accompanying range in our offer, we have international certificates attesting to the fulfillment of the highest EU quality standards and registration solutions issued by ALIMS.

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